IMG_0023I was so inspired when I first saw Natalie Hodson’s video post on Facebook titled “Perfectly Imperfect”.

She discussed how makeup and Photoshop were all part of the product of being a fitness model….all basically surface editing. But in the real world of being a mom, she didn’t really look that way.

Did you ever wonder if everyone who appears to have it all, if they really do? Are they really as perfect as they seem? Doubtful.

Now speaking of myself, I think I may seem to have it all together. Not!

I do try my best to not leave the house without looking like I tried. I remember telling my husband after my first baby, ” I just want to look like I tried”. Meaning, I did my best to get ready, put on some makeup, perhaps something stylish, when truly, yoga pants and a shirt without makeup would be awesome!

I also workout 5 days a week, which isn’t easy. I plan all our family meals around when I will workout. We eat all our meals at home besides a Friday night, and maybe lunch on weekends. But I also have two kids, one with special needs that has many appointments throughout the week that I have to juggle, also many supplements he takes at certain times of the day.

On top of that, I’m a Type 1 diabetic (insulin dependent) that also requires lots of attention and more juggling of blood sugars and medications.  This also causes my workouts at times to be difficult, because if my sugars are high I can’t exercise and if they’re low, guess what? I can’t exercise.

My husband is the one we all depend on financially, and it’s a burden on him as well. We have a stressful household at times, but I try to keep it all together on the outside.

So, the point of my blog today is not, “poor me” or a pity party. It’s that we don’t share the rough and tough times of our day on social media, just the happy joyful times, which there is allot of as well.

But the truth is, it’s ok to be #perfectlyimperfect. We all are.

With sincerity,

Heidi oxox

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