Hitting Plateaus and boredom

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We’ve all been there or are feeling this way now. You’ve hit a plateau, basically you aren’t seeing results anymore. You have stabilized. Also, maybe you and your body have become bored of your current workout routine.

It’s good to change things up every few weeks to give your body a shock with a new workout and challenge!

I love following fitness peeps on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. You can get so much inspiration and new ideas from others! The best part; It’s FREE!!

Below are some websites I love as well as Instagram accounts I follow…

Also, if you want to pay a few bucks (totally worth it) go to;



http://www.JordankeFit.com (she has THEE best abs ever)

Basically, there are so many ways you can change-up your workout! If you belong to a gym, I would try adding a yoga class once a week, maybe some HIIT training  and don’t be afraid of lifting weights!!! They will not make you bulky, I promise!!

Happy Lifting,

Heidi oxox


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