Exercise; love or loath

So I’ve always considered myself an exercise enthusiast, simply because I do it!
I’ve realized over the past 20 years how much it affects my blood sugars as well as my mind and body.
After I had my second baby, I decided I needed to shake things up in my workout world. I noticed a Pure Barre location that has opened near a Starbucks I frequent, (totally addicted), so I decided to give it a go when my son was 10 weeks old.

Now, 11 months later, I can’t get enough. I go 3 times per week and my body has never looked better. I’m not trying to sound conceited, but this is how I feel.
The only negative, (it seems there always seems to be one), is that the workout somehow always affects my pump site.
Either during my sit-ups, the site gets caught on my pants, or during our back extension, while on the floor, flat on our stomachs, my site pushes into the floor, therefore into my stomach.
I then get home, and my site stings when I take a bolus.
Can we ever just catch a break? I’m doing the work!

Any ideas of how to avoid this issue?