This is a page of all the podcasts I subscribe to. These really have different subject matter but they all bring you back to taking care of your physical and emotional self.

  • Sexyfit Podcast is put out by Zlata Sushchik, former fitness competitor, and now a lifestyle coach and founder of the Sexyfit method.

I really love her podcasts because she doesn’t promote quick fixes. She has real tangible ideas that anyone can use to live a healthier life. 

  • The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

Talk about a motivating speaker. Lewis Howes is a former athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur. His story itself is inspiring but everyone he interviews will inspire you as well.

  • The Chalene Show is about motivation, confidence, family, fitness and life coaching with Chalene Johnson

If you haven’t heard of Chalene Johnson yet, I’m not sure what rock you’ve been under. But all kidding aside, she’s also very inspiring and full of information to improve your life.

  • Inside Quest with founder Tom Bilyeu

Now I was surprised by how bright and full of information this gentlemen is. He is truly driven to cure metabolic disease and the Quest Bar was born from this vision.

He interviews incredible people that I’ve learned so much from. You can go wrong listened to his podcasts, or watching them online.


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